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About Ukraine

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe which located in the Eastern Europe bordering the Black Sea, Belorus, Russia, Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The Black and the Azov Seas separate the country from Russia and Turkey.
Area total is 603,700 sq. km. Capital city is Kyiv with more than 2 millions inhabitants.
Population: around 48 million people.
Climate: temperate continental.
Land: most of Ukraine consists of fertile plains, mountains are only in the west (the Carpathians), and in the Crimean Peninsula in the south.
Ethnic groups: Ethnic Ukrainians make up 73% of the total population, Russians (22%), Also there are some Belorussians, Moldavians, Poles, Tartars, Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews and others.
Religions: Orthodoxy is Ukraine's historical and traditional confession. But Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam and numerous other religious denominations are spread in this country also
Head of State: President. Administrative divisions: 24 regions, 1 autonomous republic of Crimea.
The main river is the Dnipro (the Dnieper) that is the third longest river in Europe. The fauna and flora of Ukraine are very rich. You can be charmed with its beautiful landscapes.
Ukrainian rich black soil is very fertile. The country has rich reserves of iron and manganese ores, of bituminous and anthracite coals. Ukrainian culture has very rich and diverse traditions. Literature and music, painting and architecture, drama, opera, ballet, folk arts and trades - all these the tourists can enjoy during their stay in Ukraine.


When you cross Ukrainian border officers from the customs have the right to inspect your luggage at any time, they can ask you to fill in a customs declaration.
The country's official language is Ukrainian, but in practice only in Western regions this language is truly predominant. In Eastern regions Russian language is more used.
The crime rate is rather low. But avoid walking alone late at night and showing that you are a foreigner. Downtown areas are usually safer than the outskirts. But just in case don't carry items you are not prepared to lose. If any of your possessions are lost or stolen, report the loss to the police.
The national currency is the hryvnia. You'll have no problem finding currency exchange points. Visa and MasterCard are not very spread.
If you want to use phone the international code of Ukraine is 380. In order to make an international calls from Ukraine you are to dial 8, wait for dial tone, then dial 10, the country code, city code, subscriber's number. The rate for calls to Europe are about 0.5 EUROS -1.5 EUROS per minute.

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